1. Dress for the occasion. Being overdressed is almost as bad as being underdressed….. Almost.

2. Black shoes. Black belt. Brown shoes. Brown belt.

3. Every man should own 3 staple dress shoes. The wing tip, The Oxford, And a nice loafer.

4. Never wear sneakers and a suit. This is the rule, white tennis shoes may be the exception.

5. When throwing a party it is a gentlemen’s duty to make sure your guests are introduced to the people they do not know.

6. When attending a party ALWAYS bring a gift. Wine is a go to. If you have time, get creative. It will not go unnoticed.

7. If you are growing a beard. Keep it tidy. No one wants to know what you were eating last night by looking at your face.

8. Know your silverware. The trick: go from the outside in.

9. Every man should be able to cook at least 3 home cooked meals. Best if they cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

10. Never wear socks with sandals. Ever.
10.1 Scratch that. Sneakers or Espadrilles before the beach…barefoot on the beach.

11. Have a go to joke. Preferably an original one.

12. Get creative with the little things. Bold socks and accessories breathe life to a simple suit.

13. When it comes to shorts. Never go shorter than 5 inches above the knee.

14. If you are still wearing boxers… Stop.

15. Keep your eyebrows tidy. The caterpillars growing on your face will never turn into butterflies.

16. Buy a good kitchen knife and know how to use it. Germany or Japan are your countries of choice for this one.

17. Have a go to drink. Know how to make it. And know how you like it. You and your bartender will be grateful you did.

18. Standards. Have them.

19. Have a barber who knows you by name. Supercuts doesn’t cut it (literally) after high school.

20. Travel. It doesn’t have to be far it just has to be new. Adventure is the spice of life.

21. Admit when you are wrong. No one is always right.

22. Don’t make excuses. Man up and make it happen.

23. Smoking is a no no. Although the occasional cigar is appropriate at special events.

24. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Rules were made to be broken. Yes, even ours.
25. When it comes to women: If you can’t go out without spending money on her she’s not worth it.

26. The look gets you in the door. Your personality is what gets you invited upstairs.

27. You may think mani/pedis are dainty, but make sure you maintain. Trust us, women notice.

28. When it comes to fitness. Being fit takes place in the gym. Looking fit takes place in the kitchen. A balance of moderate exercise and a good diet is the key to being and looking fit.

29. Every man should know what to look for when ordering a bottle of wine. If you don’t, ask for help. That’s what the sommelier is there for. Tell him what you like and trust him. (Better to be honest than to try to fake it)

30. The key to style is to be noticed without sticking out. Loud is best when it comes to volume not style.

31. When it comes to facial scruff. The more formal the event the less of it you should have. Beards and mustaches are a different story.

32. When at the gym: muscle tees don’t make you stronger. Contrary to popular belief sleeves are widely accepted.

33. Jeans with holes and bedazzled pockets scream douche. What are your jeans saying?

34. Skinny jeans are for skinny people. Keep it slim but let your legs breathe for god’s sake.

35. Summer is the best time to cover up your love for fun cocktails. No one will judge your Mai Tai or Daiquiri order when it’s 100 degrees out.

36. When throwing a BBQ get fancy with the appetizers and desserts. These are what people remember.

37. Add lime to a fruit salad. It helps the fruit stay fresh and makes every fruit taste that much better.

38. Shots are to be taken where you order them. Do not attempt to transport a round of shots.

39. Tip. Know who to tip when to tip them and how much is appropriate.

40. When dining out be sure to make reservations if they are available.

41. Price doesn’t determine quality.

42. Always have a few bottles of wine on hand. You never know when an occasion will arise.

43. Every time you go to the grocery store buy a bottle of Liquor. In a few months you will have a fully stocked bar.

44. When buying a watch: choose one that the face can’t be seen from space.

45. Slim pants go with slim shoes. Relaxed pants go with chunky shoes.

46. Invest in some nice sheets. You sleep in them every night and the fairer sex will definitely notice.

47. Always help a friend when you can. You’ll need a favor one day.

48. Spend some money on a nice wallet. You use it everyday and it will last you more than a year.

49. Every man needs a belt that will last him a better part of a decade.

50. High tops and shorts are a no no.

51. Have no shame in what you do, as long as you do it full heartedly.

52. Your scent is meant to be intimate, not for the entire room. Remember, less is more.

53. Find someone you want to wake up to, rather than someone you want to sleep with.

54.Always help a friend when you can. You’ll need a favor one day.

55. Know how to tie a bow tie.  Any gentlemen will have a bow tie in his closet for the right occasion.

56. Don’t be afraid to ask your barber to give your eyebrows a trim when getting a hair cut.

57. Make the first move.

58. Stock your bar with the essentials. Whiskey, Vodka, Rum and Gin are the basics. Build from there.

59. Below your neck: Trim don’t shave. It may feel good the first few days but no one likes stubble.

60. Honor your commitments. From Sunday brunch to your relationships. You’re only as good as your word.

61. Plan ahead. A well prepared man is rarely caught off guard.

62. Know the difference between things you want and things you need.

63. Open the door for her. From the first date to the last.

64. Never get comfortable. There is always room to improve.

65. No one wants to hear you complain. Dwell on the positive keep the negative to yourself.

66. High heels are hard to walk in. Be sure to always lend a hand or an arm.

67. When walking with a lady on the sidewalk. She should always be on the side furthest from the street.

68. Spontaneity keeps things fresh. Plan a date night on your own without telling her. You may get something unexpected after.

69. Hold yourself to higher standards than you expect of your peers. Your example will rub off.

70. Keep the jewelry to a minimum. If you’re working with a Mr. T starter kit you may want to tone it down.

71. Any lady worth pursuing will tell you. Education is more important than hitting the gym. All those curls won’t help you carry on a conversation.

72. Be a perfectionist. Average work from you will still be a cut above the rest.

73. Gossip is not a topic of conversation.

74. Try everything once. At the least you’ll have good stories to tell the grandkids.

75. Take a vacation at least once a year. Travel feeds inspiration.